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When it comes to hair, there are always concerns about the mane. Our hair is our pride and glory and nothing feels better than a good hair day. To make looking after hair a little simpler, it is best to identify the type of hair first. There are essentially three types of hair - oily, dry, and normal hair. This is based on the texture, quality, and feeling of the hair. So how to tell which category your hair type falls under? Read on!

Oily hair 

People with oily skin are usually the ones who have oily hair as well as the scalp is the same skin type as the face. Typically, those who have oily skin are prone to have oily hair as well. 

How to tell if you have oily hair?

  • Your hair looks dull and lifeless
  • Your hair becomes greasy within a day of shampooing
  • You witness a lot of hair fall

Dry hair

The next most common hair type is dry hair. Ineffective oil glands are what usually leads to dryness of the hair. If you have dry skin, you will likely have dry hair as well as your skin does not produce the right amount of oil for your hair. 

How to tell if you have dry hair?

  • You have frizzy hair 
  • You have an excessive amount of split ends
  • Your hair breaks very easily and is extremely rough at the broken part

Normal hair 

Having normal hair means the pH balance of your scalp is normal with a shine. Your hair is healthy and clean. This is the most uncommon hair type and very rare. 

How to tell if you have normal hair?

  • You have minimal hair loss 
  • You have little to no split ends
  • Your scalp does not become oily very soon
  • Your hair is not fizzy
  • You have almost no issues with your hair 

A simple way to tell what type of hair you have is to take a tissue or blotting paper. Dab it on your hair. If there is a blot of oil you have oily hair. If there is nothing on the tissue you have dry hair. 

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