Frequently Asked Questions

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Hair & Scalp Concerns

We have more than 15 years of experience in solving major hair and scalp problems and have a proven track record in:

• Solving hair and scalp problems,

• Preventing the onset of hair and scalp problems,

• Conditioning hair and nourishing scalp,

• Treating damaged hair, and maintaining recovered hair.

• Enhance and maintain healthy and treated hair, keeping it lush, thick and shiny throughout

All of our products are formulated with traditional natural herbs, coupled together with the latest technology and advanced research. We assure you that you are in good hands when you are using our products!

Oily hair

People with oily skin are usually the ones who have oily hair as well as the scalp is the same skin type as the face. Typically, those who have oily skin are prone to have oily hair as well. How to tell if you have oily hair?

- Your hair looks dull and lifeless
- Your hair becomes greasy within a day of shampooing
- You witness a lot of hair fall

Dry Hair

The next most common hair type is dry hair. Ineffective oil glands are what usually lead to dryness of the hair. If you have dry skin, it is very likely that you will have dry hair as well as your skin does not produce the right amount of oil for your hair. How to tell if you have dry hair?

- You have frizzy hair
- You have excessive amount of split ends
- Your hair breaks very easily and is extremely rough at the broken part

Normal hair

Having normal hair means the pH balance of your scalp is normal with a shine. Your hair is healthy and clean. This is the most uncommon hair type and very rare. How to tell if you have normal hair?

- You have minimal hair loss
- You have little to no split ends
- Your scalp does not become oily very soon
- Your hair is not fizzy
- You have almost no issues with your hair

A simple way to tell what type of hair you have, is to take a tissue or blotting paper. Dab it on your hair. If there is a blot of oil you have oily hair. If there is nothing on the tissue you have dry hair.

Results vary by individual. Follow the instructions carefully and you can expect visible results as soon as month 3, with full effect as soon as month 4.

We recommend the BiOSys Revitalizing Hair Tonic. It is specially formulated to help you effectively prevent hair loss and persistent thinning hair, encouraging healthier and fuller-looking hair.

For less severe dandruff issue:

We recommend our BiOSys Scalp Care Shampoo. It is specially formulated to effectively control oily and sensitive scalp. It also helps tackle dandruff issues to a certain extent.

For more severe dandruff issue:

We recommend our BiOSys Anti-Dandruff Shampoo + BiOSys Revitalizing Hair Tonic. Our Anti-Dandruff Shampoo is specially formulated for intense dandruff prevention. You will be able to see the difference after between 1 to 3 washes. Do bear in mind that It is also important to understand and review your lifestyle and dietary habits.

BiOSys Rewards

Ways to earn:

- Signup (200 BiOCoins)
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- Celebrate a birthday (1000 BiOCoins)

There will be more ways you can earn BiOCoins in the future. Make sure to check your emails for our updates!

Ways to redeem:

- Free shipping coupon (500 BiOCoins)
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- $30 off coupon ($6000 BiOCoins)

Shipping & Delivery

We provide international shipping. However due to certain postal challenges, we won’t be able to deliver shipments to military areas and certain smaller countries.

We ship orders overseas by mail services. After your order has been processed by our logistics team, it’ll be delivered to our local postage companies and the handling of your order will be fulfilled by the respective carrier companies.

Upon arrival in your selected destination’s country, your order would then be handled by your country's postal service. Please kindly contact your local post when your order arrives in your country.

Shipping to United States, Singapore:

Insured Shipping & Handling: 3 - 5 Business Days

Priority Shipping & Handling: 1 - 2 Business Days

Shipping to Rest of World:

Insured Shipping & Handling: 7 - 12 Business Days

Priority Shipping & Handling: 3 - 5 Business Days

*This doesn’t include our 1-2 days processing time.
*All shipping times exclude clearance/customs delays.
*All subscription uses Insured Shipping & Handling.
*All orders are processed and shipped from our warehouses located in United States and Singapore.


You can track your order here.

Please note that your tracking information updates are displayed 1-2 days after receiving your tracking code.

For first time purchases, it may take us a few minutes to retrieve the tracking information from the carrier services. In the event that you can’t find information about your package, please try again later.

Your shipment status remaining unchanged may be due to delays in shipment. Shipment delays could be due to e.g. weather incidents, customs or backlogs.

Please kindly note that tracking information can be displayed after your order has been shipped.

There are no taxes/duties for USA, EU & UK orders.

For international orders, there may be duties/custom taxes applied to our order based on where you live, which we do not cover. At the moment, we are unable to offer services to cover these taxes as they vary based on every government worldwide.

If you would like to request a change in anything in your order, please contact us via email within 12 hours after placing your order.

We strive to deliver the best quality product to customers. However, there are possible factors that may negatively affect the quality - often during the shipping process where products may be damaged while in transit. Please Click Here for our Return Policy.

In the event where you’ve provided an incorrect shipping address, you should contact us immediately by sending an email to and provide us with your correct address. Our team will then proceed to check whether we’re able change your order’s destination for you.

If your order has been shipped out, we are really sorry but we are no longer able to change your destination for you nor send you another packet without any additional fee.

There are 2 common reasons that your packet has been returned: either your shipping address is incorrect/insufficiently filled, or you are absent at the time the packet was attempted for delivery.

Step 1: Contact your nearest post office and provide them your ID card or tracking code for an update of your shipment status.

Step 2: If you’re not able to find anything, contact our Customer Service department by sending an email to and provide us with your shipping address.

Step 3: If the address you provided in the email matches your shipping address in our system, we’ll be more than happy to send you a replacement or refund you 50%. Please be informed that these 2 options are our final solution for your request.

In the situation where your order wasn’t successfully delivered as you may have filled in the wrong address, and thus we are unable to deliver your packet. In such a situation, we would require for you to pay some extra fees for sending you a replacement. This would be the only option in such situations.