BiOSys Revitalizing Hair Tonic

"I’ve been using the biosys hair tonic for 3 months now and I'm loving the results. My hair now feels thicker with more volume and is not falling out like it used to be. I will keep buying this hair tonic. Definitely recommend!"

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    Hair is a crown that promotes youthfulness, beauty, and confidence, so it is no surprise that hair loss can make many men and women feel self-conscious. Frequently, it is a combination of different factors that lead to hair thinning or fallout (e.g. impaired microcirculation, poor scalp health). As a result, it is challenging to pinpoint the root cause and determine the appropriate treatment.

    BiOSys Revitalizing Hair Tonic focuses on taking a comprehensive, 360º approach to combat hair loss and thinning. It contains seven POTENT active botanicals that strengthen and revitalize hair roots to stimulate growth while minimizing hair fall. This lightweight, energizing hair tonic is dermatologist-vetted and proven to help boost long-term follicular health to achieve healthier, thicker, and fuller hair!


    MINIMIZES HAIR FALL & THINNING: BiOSys Revitalizing Hair Tonic utilizes potent botanicals that strengthen the hair follicles to minimize hair fall and help stimulate growth. It supports a balanced and optimum follicular ecosystem to encourage the healthy development of strands.

    PROMOTES THICKER & FULLER HAIR: This plant-based, multi-tasking hair tonic improves microcirculation and increases capillary density to promote thicker, fuller-looking hair. Regain confidence with this powerful hair tonic to achieve healthier, fuller, and more lustrous hair!

    REGULATES SEBACEOUS SECRETION: Recommended for Oily Hair and Seborrheas, the BiOSys Revitalizing Hair Tonic helps regulate sebaceous secretion while providing ultra-oil absorbing benefits and removing dandruff. It is the perfect remedy for an oily, itchy, or sensitive scalp.

    IMPROVES FOLLICULAR HEALTH: Safe for everyday use, this cruelty-free hair tonic boosts long-term hair health with its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. It contains minerals and plant proteins that repair hair shafts to improve the appearance and brightness of the hair.

  • 1. Spray 4 to 5 times onto your scalp, twice a day.

    2. Gently massage the scalp with fingertips in a circular motion from hairline to crown.

    3. For most effective results, use twice a day everyday. Try to avoid skipping or missing days between use. For best results, continuous use is required.

    **This is a leave-in product do not rinse after and style your hair as usual.
    **You can apply the hair tonic on dry or semi-damp hair.

    Ginseng Extract
    Increases the dermal cells on the scalp, strengthening the follicles and roots of the hair. It encourages the new growth of strands while preventing hair thinning and breakage.

    Common Nettle Extract
    Contains high amounts of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help protect the scalp from damage and stimulate new hair growth. Riched in minerals like iron, magnesium, and zinc, which boost follicular health.

    Coltsfoot Extract
    Contains an abundance of mucilage, minerals, silica, sulfur, and plant proteins that work together to help add sheen, repair hair shaft, improve elasticity, and promote hair growth.

    Yarrow Extract, Thyme Extract, Birch Extract, Rosemary Extract
    Promote healthy hair growth, soothe scalp inflammation, remove dandruff and scalp build-up. Stimulate the hair and scalp from root to tip and improve microcirculation, actively reducing hair loss.

    Deionized Water, Ethyl Alcohol, Propylene Glycol, Polysorbate-20, Ginseng Extract, Silanediol Salicylate, Butylene Glycol, Triethanolamine, Common Nettle Extract, Yarrow Extract, Thyme Extract, Birch Extract, Rosemary Extract, Coltsfoot Extract, D-Panthenol, Menthol, Ginger Oil

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